The Santa Clothes Club works all year to clothe needy children.

After the telethon we don’t relax until next fall. Our work goes on year-round.  We start the New Year with a retreat to go over what we did last year and how we can do a better job this year. This year our fund raising efforts start as early as April with the ‘Stang Addiction Car Club car show and runs once a month throughout the summer. On June 2nd, we will co-sponsor our annual Dave Duell Memorial Golf Outing at Quail Crossing Golf Course. In July, we will be benefited by the NSS Saturday Night Shootout drag races at Chandler Motor Sports Park. In August, Sterling Boiler & Mechanical sponsors a golf outing to benefit the Santa Clothes Club; last year, they raised over $17,000.  In September, we will have our annual Spaghetti Dinner and this year it will be at Biaggi’s Restorante Italiano and it will be fabulous.


In November we are working on the Telethon. This year it will be on December 7th, live from Washington Square Mall from noon to 6pm. At the Telethon we must raise the rest of what is needed and the general public always come through for us. The money we raise at the telethon completes our budget for the year to clothe the kids.

Clothing our needy children is a full time effort and we work on it throughout the year. My thanks go out to all of you who have gotten involved to help us in this most important endeavor. Without you we could not do it.

Thank you for all that you do.

Wendell Burkhart

For more information about all of the events go to our “Events” page.

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